Delicious cheesecake with jam topping.




For the crust, blend the butter cookies until they become small crumbles. Add the butter (melted) to the mix and blend. You might need to adjust the butter amount to make sure the crumb is sticking together a bit, but did not become a dough yet.

Put the crumbs in the bottom of the mold, and press it to make it compact. Leave it aside, and prepare the filling.


Add Cream Cheese, Condensed Milk and Eggs in the blender, and blend everything until it becomes uniform. Add the mix in the mold on top of the crumb crust.


Preheat the oven at 180°C. Bake the cheesecake for around 30 minutes. You will notice the top became golden brown. Let it cool slowly before adding the topping and refrigerating.

Finish it up

Once it’s cool, put your favourite jam flavor on top. My personal recommendations are either Guava Paste or Blueberry Jam (My favourite cheesecake flavours).