Esta Ă© uma receita tĂ­pica de brigadeiro.

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The paste

Add condensed milk, cocoa and butter in the non sticking pan. Mix well with the spatula.

Turn on the heat until it boils, don’t stop mixing so it does not stick to the bottom of the pan.

When you mix it and you start seeing the pan bottom, it means it’s almost done. You can keep it for some minutes longer if you go for a more consistent approach.

The more it stays in the heat, more consistent and easier to roll up it will be. The less time it stays, it’s better to serve directly on a spoon like a cream.

Take it out of the heat and let it cool. You can serve it room temperature, or you can put it in the fridge for lasting longer and serving cold.


In a small bowl, add the chocolate confetti.

After cooling, roll the brigadeiro balls in the desired size, making small balls with the hands. A good size measure is the one that can fill in the sweets paper cups.

Brigadeiro can be rolled in the bowl with the chocolate chips to cover it while also keeping the round shape.

You can place the balls in the paper cups and serve.


The sweet can also be served in spoons, if it’s firmer (won’t melt away), or in small cup portions if it’s more creamy.

It’s possible to replace the most traditional cocoa powder used (Nescau from Nestlé) for any other type of chocolate. You can use regular melted chocolate, or Ovomaltine for instance.

You can make white brigadeiros by not adding chocolate at all, so it remains with either milk flavor or caramel flavor. Adding powder milk makes it “milkier”.

You can add coconut rasps and a clover after rolling it up to make Beijinhos.

Colored confetti can also be used to make it more festive.

Add chocolate rasps in big chunks to make it look more expensive and fancy. Roll it up on sugar to make a cheaper and sweeter version.