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Roguelike Part 3 - Fog/Vision Algorithm

During my earliest prototypes, back in 2017, I decided to use raycasting as the way to go for the fog or vision algorithm.

Hello World V3.0

Finally brought my blog back! And now it should be in english. Also, made the entire site from scratch instead of using some pre-made template. This way I could organize and tune it the way I intended to use it from the beginning. I used Jekyll because it is the default technology used by github pages, and it looks nice enough.

Roguelike - Parte 2 - Pixel Perfection

This will be the first technical post about my game. On part 1 I talk about my motivations to create this project:

Roguelike - Part 1 - The Beginning

Today I decided to write a blog post about game development. Hope this will motivate me to continue with my projects.

Métodos Numéricos 2

In 2017 I lectured the Numerical Methods discipline for two weeks. The result were those presentations. The following content is in portuguese:

BIG 2017 São Paulo

We will be travelling tomorrow (23 june 2017) to São Paulo to participate into Big Festival, which will happen next week! There will be plenty of indie games being showcased there, and we will attempt to show our “Le Petit Shooter” to some people as well. It would be an enormous favour if you guys could like our social networks and give feedback! Links: